Ape Vaping Juice Co - Bubblegum

Ape Vaping Juice Co - Bubblegum

Brand: Ape Vaping Juice Co

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Bubblegum E-LIQUID

Bubblegum e-liquid by Ape Vaping Juice Co is a bubblegum flavoured ride down memory lane. The flavour is light and sweet but never too overbearing, and the nostalgic feelings it inspires make it a wonderful treat for those of us who haven’t enjoyed the taste of bubblegum for many a year. The flavour shows itself immediately, from the first draw it gives a full-bodied flavour, sweet and fruity. It's deceptively light though there's enough body to make it a properly satisfying vape, and the sweetness never swamps the other elements. There's a fair throat hit on offer too, and a particularly well-formed aftertaste which leaves you with a deliciously clean bubblegum flavour. The resemblance to the real thing is simply uncanny.
This juice is robust stuff, keeping its shape and strength nicely. Bubblegum e-liquid is an absolute joy; a sweet and juicy joy and if you’re still partial to an occasional piece of bubblegum even now, then you’ll be delighted at the accuracy of the flavour in this Bubblegum e-juice.


All our Ape Vaping flavours are made right here in the UK both fully CHIP compliant and made to food grade standards in ISO Class 8 cleanroom under the strictest conditions with every batch produced undergoing GC-MS testing. Ensuring that all our liquids are both chemically pure, free from diketones and traceable guaranteeing our customer receiving the highest quality E-Liquid available.