Ohm Boy Flat Claptons

Ohm Boy Flat Claptons

Brand: ohm boy eliquid

  • £9.00


Ohm Boy Flat Claptons


Ohm Boy's search for the perfect combination of flavour and clouds lead him to develop his very own range of wire shots, ready to be wrapped around your favourite rod.


Ohm Boy's unique Flat Claptons take vaping wire to the next level. Flattened KAL inner wire is precisely wrapped in 36G Ni80 then flattened again to maximise surface area, enhance cotton-to-coil contact and make a more rigid wire that is easier to wrap with.


The combination of KAL and Ni80 has been chosen to be the most versatile materials for both regulated and un-regulated use, coil longevity and reduced ramp up time.


We are certain that you will love this pack of 10 wire shots, offering high-end, top quality coils at a great price.